Excessive moisture can damage any home, and a flooded basement is a common cause of moisture damage in the Columbia area. To prevent structural damage, mold growth, and other problems, it is important to address the flooding and dry your home as soon as possible. At RestoreUnow, we can help. We are a locally owned company that is available 24/7 for water damage restorations. Our experts can handle major or minor basement flooding and restore your home to pre-loss condition.

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A flooded basement can put your home and your belongings at risk, and it is important to identify the cause accurately to prevent future problems. The most common causes include:

  • Roof or gutter damage
  • Improper grading or drainage
  • Foundation leaks or damage
  • Plumbing or appliance leaks
  • Sewer or drain backups
  • Sump pump failures

With or flood damage restoration services, RestoreUnow can help you recover from basement flooding quickly, and our experts can suggest improvements that can prevent water infiltration in the future.


Emergency Basement Flooding Clean-Up Experts Near You

When you have a basement flood in the Columbia area, make sure your first call is to our team at RestoreUnow. We can be packed and on our way within 60 minutes, carrying all the equipment required to respond to basement floods quickly, limit the damage, and start the restoration process. Our services include:

Inspection & Assessment

Forming a plan for the restoration process is essential. Our experts will determine the cause of the flooding, and use equipment like moisture meters and infrared camera to identify the extent of the water infiltration. This will allow us to create a workable, realistic plan to mitigate the water damage and begin the drying process.

Water Removal

The first step in repairing your home is to remove the majority of the remaining water. We feature commercial vacuums, submersible pumps, and desiccant dryers that can remove all standing water quickly and effectively, leaving only water that has soaked into porous surfaces. This process will limit any ongoing water damage, reduce humidity, and prevent the formation of mold.


Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in flood water can pose a serious risk to your health. At RestoreUnow, our experts will clean and sanitize the flooded area using 200-degree water, plus anti-microbial agents when necessary. We will discuss any chemicals we plan to use and give you the opportunity to keep family members and pets protected during the restoration process.

Structural Drying

Once your home has been cleaned and sanitized, we can remove the last remaining moisture with negative air machines, desiccant dryers, and dehumidifiers. Our team will document the process and take regular moisture readings to ensure it is successful.


With all the residual moisture removed, we can begin the repair process, restoring your home to pre-flood condition.


Got a Flooded Basement? Call Our Emergency Remediation Specialists

Our restoration experts can handle major or minor basement flooding, water damage, mold, and more. You can count on our team for fast, professional help anywhere in the Columbia area.

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