Dripping Your Way to Trouble

Drip… Drip… Drip… a leaky pipe or drain may not seem to be that big of a deal, but it could be the first indicator of big trouble coming your way.

Most people — just like you — think of water damage situations as a broken pipe spewing water all over the place, or perhaps a failing sump pump resulting in a basement that imitates a swimming pool you did not want.

Other water damages can occur from an overflowing toilet or — even worse — sewage backup that can mean replacement of surfaces and belongings in your home.

Catastrophic water damage situations, such as from a storm, flood waters and similar water intrusions, are about impossible to predict and prepare for.

But when it comes to smaller issues, you can do quite a bit to keep your home nice and dry and free of musty, moldy odors.

The first step is prevention. If you have a faucet dripping, you may think the only loss would be pennies a day. But what if your drain plugged up and you were gone for an extended period of time? Drips can quickly add up and create an overflow that can cause expensive water damage. And a leaky pipe under a cabinet or toilet is really bad news as that can quickly get worse and flood your home. So be sure to either fix these issues yourself or hire a plumber. RestoreUnow can help you find a qualified contractor for this.

The second step is to dry out any existing moisture that may exist in areas that can be damp from either dripping water supply pipes and hoses to drains. Wipe up as much water as you can and get some air movement onto the surfaces affected.

The third step is to get professional help. Call your water damage pro (RestoreUnow) not only when emergencies strike, but to receive valuable advice in advance.

Do what’s right. Call your water damage pro at RestoreUnow!


Kind Regards,

Michael Phelps

Certified Mold Professional & Journeyman Water Restorer

ICRA & IICRC Certified