10 May 2018

The Truth About Black Mold 

In the great outdoors mold is a useful organism which aids in the decomposition of organic matter. However, inside your Maryland home or business, mold is an unwelcome fungus, which can cause damage to your building’s contents and structure and pose a serious health risk.

Mold spores are all around us and while a single spore is invisible to the naked eye, under the right conditions it can grow and spread, triggering symptoms in sensitive individuals or those with compromised immune systems. With over hundreds of thousands of different species on the planet today mold is here to stay, but the key to living in harmony with this fast growing organism is routine monitoring of your indoor space to efficiently identify and remove it from any affected areas. While some forms of mold may be easily removed with soap, water, and elbow grease, other strains such as black mold are highly toxic, and remediation is best left to the mold removal professionals at RestoreUnow. Here is everything you need to know about black mold to keep yourself and those around you safe.

How Does Mold Grow?

Although mold spores are all around us they need a few key ingredients in order to thrive. In addition to the spores, mold growth requires an adequate supply of moisture, temperatures ranging between 32 and 100 degrees, and organic material such as paper or wood as a source of food. Since spores, food, and ideal temperatures exist in most homes, humidity control is the best method to prevent  mold growth indoors.

What Is Black Mold?

Stachybotrys is the strain of mold commonly referred to as black mold, due to it’s dark coloring. In addition to the dark green or blackish hue, black mold has a slimy texture when wet and resembles soot when dry. It thrives in areas where humidity levels are high for long periods of time, and can be lethal with prolonged exposure.

Facts About Black Mold

1. It has a distinctive odor. Black mold has a strong musty, damp, earthy smell much like rotting wood. If you detect this odor in one or more areas of your home but don’t see any visible signs of mold, it may be present behind walls, ceilings, or underneath flooring.

2. It isn’t actually toxic. The surface mold itself isn’t toxic, but the spores it produces are. Black mold produces more of these mycotoxins than other types of indoor mold, which are responsible for allergic reactions and illness.

3. Symptoms can be severe. Symptoms can include confusion, coughing, headaches, fatigue, fever, seizures, sneezing, tremors, bleeding of the lungs, and more. In sufficient amounts over a prolonged period of time black mold can cause organ failure, brain damage, and even death.

4. Black mold doesn’t only affect humans. Those with compromised immune systems including young children and the elderly are most at risk, but pets and wildlife may also be affected by black mold.

Schedule Mold Testing and Inspection Services With RestoreUnow

If you discover or suspect you have black mold in your home or office, call the experts at RestoreUnow for definitive, professional, mold testing and inspection services. Once we have identified the mold we will then determine the source of the moisture to prevent a recurrence from taking place. If mold testing is required we will collect samples and send them on to a third-party for analysis and proceed with remediation services.

Call us at 301-452-7531 for fast, reliable mold testing, inspection, and cleaning services for your Maryland home or business. Contact us online to schedule an appointment today! 

30 Mar 2017

Keep Mold at Bay: Take Away its Food

Maryland Restoration Company for Fire Damage, Mold Removal, and Water Damage

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes how water damage situations (such as from a flood, leaky or broken pipe, sewage backup, etc) can be potentially hazardous… not just initially, but over time as well.

Why? Because of the potential of mold and how it affects human health. Exposure to damp and moldy environments and materials can be especially harmful to those sensitive to irritants common to mold contamination. Some find that even being outside near plant life in the process of decomposition is a problem. Mold and mildew can run rampant under certain conditions, causing allergic reactions.

So when a water damage does happen in your home, don’t take chances. Always call your water damage pros first at RestoreUnow. Mold needs moisture. It needs to be fed. It will grow on organic materials that are wet. If you take away its “food” you inhibit the ability of mold to grow.

Important reminders

Remember that mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, anywhere there is a leak. This can be around windows, behind walls where water has intruded, from leaky roofs, and especially from leaky pipes – especially those that are leaking and you didn’t know about it!

Many homeowners are tempted to clean up water that comes into their home, such as when a sump pump might fail or when a toilet might overflow. Good intentions for sure. But if you don’t get it really dry, really fast, there can be problems. RestoreUnow has the knowledge, experience and state of the art equipment to properly clean and dry out your property.

Here’s a scary thought: Some professional water damage experts won’t even do a water removal job if they can’t get to it within 24 hours. They know mold could have started to grow and that means more work than simply extracting water and drying the home could be required. Luckily RestoreUnow has certified mold professionals and the proper equipment to take care of the entire loss whether mold contamination is involved or not.

You don’t want all that headache. When any water intrudes into your home, remember it’s more than water. It’s breeding ground for mold. Do what’s best. Call your local water damage pros at RestoreUnow.


Kindest Regards,

Michael Phelps

Certified Mold Professional

ICRA & IICRC Certified


[email protected]


15 Feb 2017

Dripping Your Way to Trouble

Dripping Your Way to Trouble

Drip… Drip… Drip… a leaky pipe or drain may not seem to be that big of a deal, but it could be the first indicator of big trouble coming your way.

Most people — just like you — think of water damage situations as a broken pipe spewing water all over the place, or perhaps a failing sump pump resulting in a basement that imitates a swimming pool you did not want.

Other water damages can occur from an overflowing toilet or — even worse — sewage backup that can mean replacement of surfaces and belongings in your home.

Catastrophic water damage situations, such as from a storm, flood waters and similar water intrusions, are about impossible to predict and prepare for.

But when it comes to smaller issues, you can do quite a bit to keep your home nice and dry and free of musty, moldy odors.

The first step is prevention. If you have a faucet dripping, you may think the only loss would be pennies a day. But what if your drain plugged up and you were gone for an extended period of time? Drips can quickly add up and create an overflow that can cause expensive water damage. And a leaky pipe under a cabinet or toilet is really bad news as that can quickly get worse and flood your home. So be sure to either fix these issues yourself or hire a plumber. RestoreUnow can help you find a qualified contractor for this.

The second step is to dry out any existing moisture that may exist in areas that can be damp from either dripping water supply pipes and hoses to drains. Wipe up as much water as you can and get some air movement onto the surfaces affected.

The third step is to get professional help. Call your water damage pro (RestoreUnow) not only when emergencies strike, but to receive valuable advice in advance.

Do what’s right. Call your water damage pro at RestoreUnow!


Kind Regards,

Michael Phelps

Certified Mold Professional & Journeyman Water Restorer

ICRA & IICRC Certified


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09 Feb 2017

Hidden Leaks

When a pipe breaks, you know it. Water going everywhere, making all kinds of noise and a huge mess that leads to all kinds of expensive damage throughout your home or business.

When a pipe leaks, that’s a different story as you may not discover it until expensive damage occurs. This is when you probably need to call your local water damage pros at RestoreUnow.

Under every sink in your home, you have two types of pipes: Supply and drain. Either type can leak and cause all kinds of damage, often at a slow but steady rate, and not only to the floor directly under the pipes. Water can run down into the subfloor, into floor cavities and even into rooms underneath.

Adding insult to injury, you don’t know this is happening because, usually, it’s all out of sight.

The worse part of looking for leaks under sinks is there is usually a bunch of stuff down there, and you will have to try and move it around or — better yet — remove it all completely so you can do a thorough inspection.

Look for warped wood, boards or other signs of water damage. Use a tissue paper to wipe each pipe connection, both supply and drain. Any type of moisture will be detectable using tissue paper. If a supply pipe is leaking, that’s dangerous because there is pressure that can cause it to steadily increase the rate of the leak. For the drain pipe, gently shake it to see if it is loose. Drain pipes can loosen on their own and begin leaking.

If you have pipes that are leaking, don’t delay. Fix them yourself if you are handy. If not, call your favorite plumber. RestoreUnow can refer a great local company for you.

Any type of water damage you discover should be inspected and remediated by a qualified water damage restoration company. Play it safe and when you find you have a leaky pipe, call your water damage pros RestoreUnow at 301-452-7531. They’ll be right over.

Kind Regards,

Michael Phelps

Certified Mold Professional & Journeyman Water Restorer

ICRA & IICRC Certified


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01 Feb 2017

Australian bitcoin casino BitStarz

The evolution of cool technology in online casino: following the example of AU casino BitStarz

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Strategic innovations at casino BitStarz

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Bonuses in online casino and different games in BitStarz

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30 Jan 2017

Leaks Happen – Be Ready!

Leaks Happen – Be Ready!  You know the normal sounds your home makes.

The air conditioner turning on as the hot days of summer begin. The heating system starting up on a cold, winter evening. The creak of a loose floorboard as someone walks slowly through the house.

What you don’t normally hear — and you do not want to hear — are the sounds of spraying water from a broken pipe or hose, or a broken hot water tank or water filter system. Even worse is when this happens when you aren’t home and upon arrival you wade through inches of water on the floor, or duck from the dripping water from an upstairs leak.

When water damage occurs (and statistics say water damage claims are among the highest with insurance companies) you need to act fast! The #1 concern is to think “safety first.” Before entering into any areas of the home that are damage from flood waters, be sure that the power is turned off. Nothing is worth getting an electrical shock or worse!

Next, find the water turn-off valve and stop the flooding. Many homeowners aren’t sure where the water turn-off valve is located. Now is the time to figure that out, and even put a tag on it so it is easy to find, especially in the dark or in the beam of a flashlight. Don’t delay… find that valve and mark it!

It’s always best to be prepared. Contact your water damage restoration contractor (RestoreUnow) and get the info you need to be safe… just in case. RestoreUnow is available 24/7 and always has a live owner or manager to answer your call. We will dispatch a crew to you within 1-2 hours or less and start the cleanup process. We’re here when needed so don’t hesitate to call us!

Kindest Regards,

Michael Phelps

Certified Mold Professional

ICRA & IICRC Certified


[email protected]


20 Jan 2017

Who Lives In a Flood Zone? You Do!

Flooding Information for Washington, DC & Surrounding Maryland Areas

There’s some surprising news from the experts at the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Everyone lives in a flood zone. Yes, you read that right.

Of course, if your home is at the top of a mountain, you are probably at low risk from flooding. But most homes are at lower elevations, bringing higher risks.

How common are floods? In the past five years, according to the NFIP, all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods.

And bad news for homeowners is their homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. You need special flood insurance for that.

To protect yourself, you need some flood facts so you realize the danger and can purchase the proper flood insurance program for your home and risk level.

For emergency flooding restoration, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at RestoreUnow today – call us at 301-452-7531 or contact us online.

Flood Facts Washington, DC & Surrounding Areas Need to Know From the NFIP

  • Just a few inches of water in your home can cost many thousands of dollars to repair. This comes out of your pocket if your insurance doesn’t cover it.
  • Flash floods can bring walls of water 10-15 feet high. Imagine that hitting your home!
  • A vehicle can easily be carried away by just two feet of rushing water. You don’t want to think about what can happen if you are in the car.
  • New land development can increase flood risk.
  • Floods can be caused by different sources, such as hurricanes, winter storms, snow melt, and other events.
  • In a high-risk area, your home is more likely to be damaged by flood than by fire.
  • Since 1978, the NFIP has paid nearly $50 billion for flood insurance claims and related costs (as of 2/17/15).

There are many more flood facts, but these can get you researching what you need to protect what’s important to you: your home and your family.

And remember, if any type of flooding happens in your Maryland home, keep your water damage professionals on speed dial! We’ll be right over to save the day! Call RestoreUnow 24/7 at 301-452-7531 or contact us online.

19 Jan 2017

How Dangerous is Mold in Your Home?

Everyone wants the safest, healthiest home environment for their families. You would do anything to protect your loved ones from exposure to any substance that could cause them harm. RestoreUnow wants to improve your quality of life and environment in your home.

One of those feared substances is “mold” and with what you have seen in the news in recent years, exposure to harmful or “toxic” mold has affected the health of countless people — folks just like you.

This brings up the all-important questions: Just exactly how dangerous is mold in homes? Is mold affecting my health? How does mold come into my home?

That’s a tricky question, because there are many types of mold and mold is virtually everywhere. There is probably a little bit in your basement right now. Your shoes when you came home yesterday no doubt brought in a few mold spores. Mold spores can be in breathable space and travel in the air. Remember to call RestoreUnow for a free inspection.

When you step outside, you are surrounded by mold. There’s nothing you can do about that. The main concern is usually what’s in the home, not outside, although if you are sensitive to mold you should avoid all damp areas that could promote mold growth, inside and out.

Some people are affected by even the smallest amounts of mold. They may have nasal issues, watery eyes, coughing and other physical reactions. A smaller segment of the population are very sensitive to exposure to mold, having severe reactions that can be life threatening. Others aren’t affected at all, and can be around and/or exposure to all types of molds with no apparent sensitivities. These are the lucky people.

The CDC has plenty of information for those concerned with mold in homes. One of the issues they raise is keeping moisture out of homes. “Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been flooding,” according to the CDC government website.

The issue is twofold if mold is growing in your home. You should have a restoration company (RestoreUnow) clean it up or have it cleaned up, and you must fix the moisture problem. You can do your research on how to fix the problem, but the best solution is, no doubt, getting expert advice from your professional water damage restoration contractor (RestoreUnow) or mold removal or remediation company. Keep your family safe. Remember to call us at 301-452-7531 for a free inspection and estimate. You can check us out online at www.restoreunow.com. We look forward to assisting you with any water and mold issues that you may have.

Kindest Regards,

Michael Phelps

Certified Mold Professional

ICRA & IICRC Certified


[email protected]


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