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Water damage can stem from any number of sources, including damaged pipes, flooding, storm surge, sewage backups, plumbing mishaps, and more. The experienced, knowledgeable professionals at RestoreUnow have the equipment, technology, and training needed to efficiently and effectively manage water extraction, structural drying, cleanup, and waste removal, to minimize the damage and disruption to your business.

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Process

We offer around-the-clock, 24/7 emergency services and can have a crew of certified professionals on their way in 60 minutes or less from the time we receive your call. Mold and microbial growth can begin almost immediately on your structure and materials, and our priority is the safe, efficient removal of water and waste to protect your materials, employees, and customers. Our exclusive restoration process includes:

Water Damage Assessment

Water damage is not always visible, and we utilize a variety of tools and resources to find hidden moisture that can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, and cause further damage or health issues. Moisture meters, infrared cameras, and thermo-hygrometers can detect water that has infiltrated hidden areas of your property and measure how much water is present. Once we have all the information, we can enact a more comprehensive plan to restore order and functionality to your business.

Water Extraction & Removal

Depending on the amount of water that is present, we begin the extraction process using the necessary means and equipment which may include heavy duty pumps, truck mounted extraction equipment, and more. Once the bulk of the water has been removed, we can better assess the effects of the damage and identify the level of contamination so that remediation can begin.

Water Damage Classification

Water can be divided into three main categories:

  • Clean water – Clear water that is safe for consumption and may come from sources such as a broken pipe, leaky appliances, or rain. It poses no immediate threat but may become gray water after mixing with other materials.
  • Gray water – May contain harmful contaminants and comes from sources such as sink or shower drains, aquariums, clean water that has come through the ceiling, and more. In less than 48 hours, gray water can become black water.
  • Black water – Highly contaminated water from a sewage backup, floodwater, sump pump overflow, or clean or gray water which has sat for a prolonged period of time and may cause disease or illness.

If decontamination is required, we will flush the affected area using 200-degree water and apply an anti-microbial agent to sanitize, prevent mold growth, and deodorize your property.

Water Damage Drying & Dehumidification

Items such as drywall, insulation, and other non-restorable materials are removed to hasten the drying process, and any residual moisture is removed using equipment such as large fans, desiccant machines, dehumidifiers, and more.

Sewage Cleanup & Removal

Raw sewage may be hazardous to your health and can cause immeasurable damage to your business and property. Our certified experts are highly trained and experienced in sewage cleanup and removal, to resolve all types of sewage issues.

Monitoring & Finalization

Progress is continuously monitored to guarantee your business is restored to its original condition before the water damage occurred. As a final step, testing is completed to ensure no damage or moisture remains.

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