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If you are in need of immediate sewage damage cleanup in Maryland, the experts at RestoreUnow are available 24/7 for help. With response times often less than an hour, the professionals at RestoreUnow can help clean up sewage backups in your home or business and prevent further damage. We are approved to work with all insurance companies, and we even offer free sewer damage restoration estimates!

For sewage damage cleanup services in Gaithersburg, Germantown, Mount Airy, Rockville, Bethesda, and beyond, contact RestoreUnow online or call us at 301-679-0465 today. We’re available 24/7!

Residential & Commercial Sewage Damage Restoration in Maryland

It’s extremely important to call a professional sewage water cleanup service immediately after you experience a sewage backup or sewer line leak in order to minimize the damage it can do to your home or business. We know that sewage damage situations often strike by surprise, which is why you can call us 24/7 for disaster response. We can be at your home in an hour to begin the restoration process, ensure any sewage contamination is cleaned and restored correctly, and give you peace of mind.

Give us a call at 301-679-0465 or contact us online for residential and commercial sewage cleanup in Washington, DC and throughout Maryland.

Our Professional Sewage Damage Restoration Process

Our sewage damage restoration experts have the proper equipment, licenses, and training to handle your sewage cleanup emergency efficiently and effectively. When you call RestoreUnow for your sewage backup cleanup, you can expect:

Step 1) Clear Dirt and Physical Waste

The first problem to tackle when it comes to sewage damage restoration is the removal of physical waste and debris. In this step, we use special equipment to ensure hazardous materials are removed safely. We will also remove non-restorable materials that have been contaminated, such as drywall, insulation, carpets, flooring, etc.

Step 2) Apply Chemical Treatments to Sewage Contaminated Areas

Just removing the physical waste is not enough; sewage water is grossly contaminated and the affected area must be disinfected. Our specialists flush the area with 200-degree water and apply an anti-microbial agent if necessary. The anti-microbial agent helps to remove bad odors, sanitize the area, and prevent the growth of mold. These cleaning agents are very strong, so we may advise your family to take special safety precautions.

Step 3) Dry Sewage Water Damage

The longer the sewage water is sitting in your home, the higher your chances are that mold will form. Water can also damage many areas of your home, including walls, flooring, and furniture. RestoreUnow uses moisture detection equipment such as infrared cameras, moisture meters, and other assessment tools to help put together a plan of action, which often includes specialty drying equipment.

Step 4) Test for Mold

If we detect signs of mold in your home that were caused by the sewage backup damage, we will take the necessary steps to remove the mold and prevent it from reoccurring.

Step 5) Final Inspection

Once the area is sanitized and checked for safety, we will conduct inspections to ensure your home is once again a safe and healthy living space for you and your family.

Our thorough sewage damage restoration process has been trusted by residents and businesses throughout Washington, DC and Maryland. Check out our reviews to learn more. Need to schedule restoration services? Contact us online or call us at 301-679-0465 today!

Why You Should Call a Professional for Sewage Damage Restoration

Sewage spills, whether they’re caused by an overflowing toilet, backed-up septic tank, or faulty sewer systems, can be devastating to a home. When it comes to sewage backups and sewage damage restoration, it is important to call professionals who are certified to handle the situation. It is not a task your family should clean on your own; sewage damage can pose a severe health and safety risk if not handled properly. It is especially important that you contact RestoreUnow immediately for sewage damage removal and restoration services if any of these are true for your home:

  • The contaminated water is in more than one room of your home
  • A sewer or septic tank backup is the cause
  • The spill occurred more than 24 hours ago
  • Members of your family have asthma or weakened immune systems

Health Problems Associated with Sewage Damage
Ensure the safety and health of your family and guests by depending on our restoration team at RestoreUnow for thorough sewage damage mitigation. Sewer water is not only filthy, but it is filled with poisonous substances that pose serious health hazards. Do not attempt to clean the spill by yourself. Our restoration experts know the most effective ways to remove sewage in your DC or Maryland home or business. Exposure to sewage may lead to health problems such as:

  • Gastroenteritis
  • Allergic Alveolitis
  • Asthma
  • Hepatitis & Dermatitis
  • Weil’s Disease
  • Legionnaires' Disease
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Kidneys & Liver Damage
  • Blood Infections
  • Infection of Skin or Eyes

Experienced Sewage Damage Cleanup Specialists in DC & MD

Unskilled sewage cleanup technicians provide sloppy and unsafe services. Once they are finished with the job, you might still be left with smelly and hazardous problems. The main goal of RestoreUnow is to ensure your sewage problem is completely addressed.

Because our team of restoration professionals has extensive knowledge and experience in the sewage restoration industry, we are fully prepared to mitigate all types of sewage overflow problems. Flood water and sewer water fall into three categories. The categories are the following:

  • Category 1: Clean Water
    This water consists of fresh water from broken water lines, tub and overflows, or other fresh water leaks. It doesn’t contain harmful bacteria, but it must be removed so it doesn’t become gray water.
  • Category 2: Gray Water
    Gray water is the result of broken dishwashers, sump pumps, or plumbing appliances. It contains harmful organisms and contaminates, and it must be extracted in a timely matter before it degrades to Category 3 contamination.
  • Category 3: Black Water
    Usually the result of sewer backups and toilet overflows, black water poses a significant health risk. It contains dangerous bacteria and other contaminates.

To get in touch with our experienced sewage damage technicians in the Gaithersburg, Germantown, Mount Airy, Rockville, and Bethesda, Maryland areas today, contact us online or give RestoreUnow a call at 301-679-0465 today!

Why Choose RestoreUnow for Sewage Damage Removal in Washington, DC & Maryland?

Dealing with a sudden sewage problem is an unbelievably stressful problem to have in your home or business. At RestoreUnow, we take extra care to ensure that we are in complete communication with you and answer any questions that you may have. You can be confident that RestoreUnow sewage damage cleanup experts are the best choice to put your home back to normal.

RestoreUnow is certified to work with all insurance companies and can refer specialists for rebuilding, reconstruction, or repair of sewage lines. We want to help you get your life and your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Choose RestoreUnow for Sewage Damage Cleanup Near You

If your home is in need of sewage damage restoration and cleanup services, our emergency restoration experts can handle the situation safely and efficiently. It is our goal to ensure your Maryland home is comfortable for your family once again!

Contact us online or give us a call at 301-679-0465 if you suspect a sewage leak or have already spotted damage in your home. We offer 24/7 emergency services and can respond within an hour.

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