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Importance of Professional Mold Inspection Maryland

There are many types of mildew and they can affect you or your property in different ways. Some people are allergic to different types of it, which can cause some serious health issues. Some types of this organic substance digest compounds more quickly than others, which means they can cause damage more rapidly.

It can affect you and your property differently, therefore, it is important for us to know exactly what we’re dealing with so that we can properly remediate the issue.

Mold Removal Companies Baltimore Inspection & Testing

The first thing we have to figure out is what has caused the organic substance to form. For it to grow, it needs two simple things: moisture and a food source, which can be anything that is organic.

Our goal is to not only properly remove the damage but to find out why and stop that from happening in the future. We may need to do testing to ensure we know what type of mildew we’re dealing with. We collect the samples and send them out to a third-party testing lab for analysis.

Mold Inspection Baltimore: Containment & Air Purification 

To keep spores from spreading, we’ll contain the area and place it under negative pressure with our powerful air filtration devices. This step is critical, so that as we’re working and disturbing any spores, they cannot affect other areas of your property. It also helps to keep any mess down to a minimum for easier clean-up.

Mold Testing Maryland

We remove all of the materials that have spores on them, all the way down to the walls studs and sub floor if needed. When these materials are removed, we bag them, seal the bags, and dispose of them properly. Depending on the amount of material affected by the mildew, we may need to utilize a dumpster to dispose of the material.

Mold Removal Maryland: Cleaning & Sealing

After the materials have been removed, we have to clean any exposed material left. This can include walls, ceilings, furniture, and other items in the contained area. We use antimicrobials, biocides and HEPA vacuums in this process.

Our cleaning process is very thorough and may include cleaning wall surfaces and ceiling multiple times.

Baltimore Final Inspection

Once the area is clean and safe, we’ll perform a final inspection. During this inspection, we may also collect samples to send to our third-party testing company for final analysis to ensure the air and all surfaces are within healthy limits.

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From remediation to inspection and testing, our emergency restoration experts can handle it all and ensure that your Maryland home is once again safe for you and your family. Call now or contact us online to request service. We offer 24/7 emergency removal services and offer a one-hour window where we’ll head out to your property.

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If your business has mildew contamination, call RestoreUnow. We service Washington, DC including Bethesda, Potomac, Columbia, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and surrounding areas.

If you suspect or discover visible mildew in your workplace, it is imperative that you seek professional help as quickly as possible to avoid disruption to your business and prevent health issues and further damage from arising.

RestoreUnow is a trusted name in the remediation industry, having helped countless businesses to eliminate any damage from their properties effectively and efficiently. Our technicians are dedicated to the highest standards for professionalism and customer service, and we use the latest tools and technologies so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Call the experts at RestoreUnow today or contact us online for our services.

Finding Commercial Mildew Removal Companies Near You

Finding dedicated experts can be a hard decision to make, however, before doing your research, you should really find out what is the exact problem you have. First of all, mold is a type of fungus, which needs spores, moisture, and organic material to grow. In buildings, it may be found in areas where there is water leakage, insufficient ventilation, excessive humidity, and more, and it can spread quickly if left undetected or untreated. Its growth can affect your business in a number of ways, including:

Damage to Structure:

Over time and in the right quantities, it can destroy the surfaces it is growing on as it eats away at materials such as wood, paper, fabrics, or glue.

Loss of Revenue

In addition to the costs associated with the removal, your business may suffer a loss of revenue as the result of damaged inventory and downtime while the issue is resolved.

Health Issues

The presence of this organic substance can trigger any number of symptoms in children, the elderly, those who suffer from allergies or asthma, or anyone who has a weakened or compromised immune system. Symptoms can arise from touching or inhaling the spores and may include:

Cough and/or postnasal drip Headaches Itchy eyes, nose, and throat A runny nose Dry, scaly skin And more

Choosing Our Mold Abatement and Removal Service Experts

In order to effectively eradicate this organic substance from your building, it is important to first identify which type is present. Each species has a unique set of characteristics, health concerns, and growth patterns, and once we complete testing, we can begin the removal process:


We conduct a thorough investigation of the property to determine the cause of the damage and eliminate the source of water that is feeding it.

Containment & Air Cleaning:

Because mold spores travel so easily through the air, a vital part of our process involves containment of the affected area to prevent them from traveling to other parts of your establishment. Industrial air filtration devices create a negative pressure environment to purify the air while reducing the amount of debris for ease of cleaning.

Mold Removal & Disposal:

Building materials and other items that are affected by the mold are carefully placed in heavy-duty, sealed bags and removed from the premises.

Cleaning & Sealing

The exposed materials that are left behind must be cleaned and sealed to remove any lingering spores and prevent regrowth. We use a number of specialized products and materials during the cleaning and sealing process including:

Anti-microbials HEPA vacuums Biocides for mold Final Mold Inspection

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