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Your property can be a handy place to store infrequently used items, but chances are it's not a place you visit often unless you have to. Because it is so far removed from the main living area, any number of issues can remain undetected for long periods of time, including moisture. This can be further compounded by the presence of wiring and plumbing routed through this area for ease of access, and increases the risk of danger during remediation.

At RestoreUnow, our team of experienced, trained professionals has the knowledge and equipment needed to successfully restore your property back to normal.

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How to Detect Potential Damage

Even the smallest amount of leakage from pipes or other sources of moisture can cause damage if left alone and may be a warning sign of a larger, more catastrophic event to come. Other associated risks include:

  • Mold – It only needs three things to grow: spores, adequate moisture, and organic materials such as wood, paper, or drywall. Whether the area is slightly damp or saturated with water, the potential for spore growth is the same and should be investigated.
  • Structural damage – The flooring, walls, beams, and structural supports can incur damage from water, which can threaten the integrity and safety of your home and lead to costly repairs.
  • Sewage – A broken sewer line can cause a backup of raw sewage into your crawl space, and it's important to call a qualified professional to assess and clean the area due to the potential risks to your health.
  • Poor indoor air quality – Mildew growth and other forms of contamination can make their way into your HVAC network through vents or exposed ducts, triggering a reaction in those with allergies or asthma.

If you notice any of these signs of damage in your home, call RestoreUnow right away at 301-452-7531 or contact us online.


Avoid Moisture Damage In Your Home

  • Perform routine inspections – Make a point of inspecting your home on a quarterly basis, at the start of each season. Be on the lookout for signs of a leak from water pipes and call a licensed plumber to address any issues. Water can enter your property through cracks in exterior walls, so be sure to seal these areas as needed. Seepage may also occur through the floor causing damage to stored items, and this issue may be resolved with the installation of a sump pump.
  • Use your keen sense of smell – Mold and mildew have a distinct, musty odor, which is a sure sign that there is an excess of moisture and possible moisture damage in your household.
  • Utilize technology – Smart leak detectors are stand-alone units that can be placed in your crawl space, basement, or other areas to detect water leaks. These battery-operated units use Bluetooth technology to send a notification to your smartphone within minutes of detecting water, and there are a number of models on the market with various features to suit your unique needs and configuration.


Why Choose Us For Your Crawl Space Water Damage Repair Needs

The team of knowledgeable professionals at RestoreUnow has the equipment and experience needed to extract standing water, assess the damage, and take the necessary steps for repair.

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