Your heating system is a vital component of your home and it is imperative that it be kept in good working order to provide you with safe, reliable service when you need it. Inadequate maintenance, faulty or aging equipment, or prolonged periods without use can all lead to problems or concerns, most of which can be resolved by your local HVAC contractor. There is one issue however that requires a more specialized type of service: a puffback.

The team of professionals at RestoreUnow has the experience, equipment, and skills needed to mitigate any damages to your home caused by a puffback, including soot and smoke damage restoration.

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What Is a Puffback?

A puffback occurs when a furnace or boiler misfires, causing a buildup of unburned oil which in turn creates an explosion—similar to when a car backfires. This blast inside the burner chamber produces a loud noise, which is typically followed by an infiltration of grease, particulate, smoke, and soot throughout your living space. The damage can cover your walls, ceilings, furniture, carpeting, and more, and in the case of a forced heating system may be far-reaching. Additional causes of a puffback can include:

  • Inadequate installation – Improper oil chamber combustion may result from an inadequate heating or chimney installation, leading to a buildup of oil residue which may explode upon ignition.
  • Issues with shutdown – A shutdown valve that is encased with dirt or debris can disrupt the shutdown process and lead to incomplete oil combustion.
  • Leakage – Even small leaks may allow air bubbles to form within the lines, causing an accumulation of unburned oil.

Furnace & Boiler Puffbacks: What Should You Do?

A puffback can be a frightening experience, from the initial explosion to the sudden presence of ash, soot, and smoke. Once the shock has worn off, you may be tempted to begin cleaning up your home, but due to the nature and composition of this oily, caustic material, it requires specialized methods and cleaning agents to remove it from the various surfaces within your home. Puffback can be hazardous to your health, as airborne soot can easily enter the lungs and cause respiratory issues. If you experience a puffback in your home, call the experts at RestoreUnow right away for reliable, efficient cleaning and restoration services.

Soot & Smoke Damage Restoration from Puffbacks

Soot is highly acidic and once it settles on the surfaces in your home, it can begin to cause immediate damage. RestoreUnow uses advanced soot removal equipment and specialized chemical cleaners to remove all traces of soot and odor from your home. In addition to the areas you can see, we will also clean any existing ductwork to prevent the soot from recirculating upon the use of your HVAC system. Finally, we will take care of the safe removal and disposal of any items that can’t be salvaged, providing you with a detailed inventory to present to your insurance company.

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