With the rising need for a healthy and routinely sanitized environment today, many companies are turning to professional cleaning services to help improve the health of their workspaces. Though disinfectant services may be more prevalent today, our team has been focused on providing healthy, sanitized environments to our clients for decades.

The Professional Clean Peace of Mind

When your business is affected by potential environmental hazards and dangerous contaminants, you need to know your employees are safe from spreading infections and health risks. At Restore U Now, we are the premier sanitization experts and will properly clean and disinfect your space against harmful toxins such as:

1. Viral infestations

2. Bacterial growth

3. Mold contaminants

4. Air impurities

5. Allergy triggers

Whatever your workspace contaminant concerns may be, we have the solution to get your business environments back to healthy in no time!

Qualified Commercial Sanitation Services Near You

The need for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment today has become a critical part of responsibly operating any business. With so many risks and biohazards, routine deep cleaning efforts have become a critical component to virtually every workspace in the area. While the global focus on regular sanitization efforts may be fairly recent, we aren’t new to the business of deep cleaning – we’ve been doing this for decades! For nearly 4 years, our team has been providing the most thorough disinfection and sanitization services around.

Expert Options for Home Sanitization Maintenance

When it comes to ridding your home of viral or bacterial contaminants, there’s no such thing as being too thorough. With the safety of your family’s health at stake, it’s imperative that every disinfectant measure is taken by strict regulations and guidelines. That’s why all of our sanitization practices use only EPA N List approved cleaning products on every job to ensure your home is properly sanitized when we are finished.

For your convenience, we offer several expert home sanitizing plans for you to choose from:

  • High Touch Point – This option covers all high points in your home such as door knobs, light switches, counters, handles, railings, keyboards and any other non-porous surface. We clean with regulation sanitizers before applying disinfectant and following up with a low volume fogger.
  • Lower Surfaces – This plan offers the same service as the High Touch Point, only covering all surfaces below 6 feet.
  • Whole Home – Our most complete option, this service covers every surface from 8 feet and below. It also includes soft surface cleaning such as upholstery and carpets as well as ductwork and is followed up with disinfectant procedures and low volume fogging as well.

All of our options are available as a one-time deep cleaning service or can also be added as a regular maintenance service as well!

Why Choose Our Commercial Office Sanitization Service Professionals

Call us at Restore U Now if you are concerned about hazardous contaminants in your workspace. We will schedule one of our disinfectant service plans. You can feel confident that your workspace will be healthy and safe with our professionals by your side.

David Fiorillo, says:

"We had a pipe burst at our house. RestoreUnow was able to come out the same day and start drying us out. Kevin and Mike are quite friendly, and gave us an extra day of drying equipment rental free because we planned to have a mold remediation crew come out the last day of rental. The house was dried so thoroughly we ended up not needing to do any mold remediation."

Sharon Phelps, says:

"When I came home from work last week our entire kitchen and basement was flooded. We didn't know what to do so I quickly searched online for a service company. We found RestoreUnow and called them right away. The company had their employees at our house in less than one hour and they quickly started cleaning and removing the water. The people with RestoreUnow explained the whole process to us in detail and they worked quickly and efficiently. Our home was quickly dried out and restored by this company. We are so happy that this was a smooth process and if it were to ever happen again we'd definitely call them. We HIGHLY recommend RestoreUnow for any water damage clean up."

Steven Hull, says:

"Wow where to start. May basement had 10inches of water and everyone the insurance recommended were 2 days out. Mike and his team were prompt, efficient and left the job very clean."

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