No matter how hard you work to keep your home clean, you may at some point be faced with your home coming in contact with risky and dangerous contaminants. When the health of your family is on the line, you can feel confident turning to us for help – especially during these difficult times we are in right now.

For years, our skilled team has been safely disinfecting and sanitizing homes and businesses. Our expertly trained staff at Restore U Now will carefully remove dangerous substances from your home. We are also fully equipped to minimize the presence of the following dangerous contaminants in your household:

– Air pollutants

– Mold and mildew

– Allergen triggers

– Viral contaminants

– Bacteria infestations

When it comes to expertly cleaning your home or office, turn to us. We are happy to serve as your go-to sanitation experts you can rely on. We will make your home or office a safe and clean environment for you and those you are responsible for.

Expert Options for Home Sanitization Maintenance

When it comes to ridding your home of viral or bacterial contaminants, there’s no such thing as being too thorough. With the safety of your family’s health at stake, it’s imperative that every disinfectant measure is taken by strict regulations and guidelines. That’s why all of our sanitization practices use only EPA N List approved cleaning products on every job to ensure your home is properly sanitized when we are finished.

For your convenience, we offer several expert home sanitizing plans for you to choose from:

  • High Touch Point – This option covers all high points in your home such as door knobs, light switches, counters, handles, railings, keyboards and any other non-porous surface. We clean with regulation sanitizers before applying disinfectant and following up with a low volume fogger.
  • Lower Surfaces – This plan offers the same service as the High Touch Point, only covering all surfaces below 6 feet.
  • Whole Home – Our most complete option, this service covers every surface from 8 feet and below. It also includes soft surface cleaning such as upholstery and carpets as well as ductwork and is followed up with disinfectant procedures and low volume fogging as well.

All of our options are available as a one-time deep cleaning service or can also be added as a regular maintenance service as well!

Finding Qualified Residential Sanitation Service Experts Near You

You already know that having a home or office that’s suffering from bacterial or viral contaminant infestation can put your family or employees at risk for serious health problems. This is especially true if members of your family or team who have a compromised immune system or strong allergies.

Are you concerned that your home is infested with mold or bacteria? If so, we are the right team for you to hire. We will use our experienced deep cleaning approach to clean and thoroughly disinfect your home or business. Below are just a few reasons why the locals prefer to choose Restore U Now:

Years of experience. We have years of experience in the sanitizing and disinfecting business. Our professional service involves locating, cleaning, and minimizing any dangerous contaminants in any space. The health of your family and employees is our top priority.

Strict protocol. We follow strict protocol when it comes to properly sanitizing any area. After assessing the situation, our cleanup crew will come up with a plan of action that involves removing contaminated objects, cleaning all surfaces, and properly drying anything cleaned in order to minimize future mold growth or infestation as much as possible. We will dispose of hazardous materials in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Availability. We understand that when you call us, you might need urgent sanitation services provided by professionals who could be by your side as soon as humanly possible. We are available to help you when you need us the most.

Choose Our Residential Sanitization Service Professionals

For years, our team has handled various bacteria cleanup projects with great success. We have knowledge and experience to properly dispose of and clean any area. Call us at Restore U Now no matter what time of day it is. We understand the urgency that you feel when working in or living in an infected space and our priority will always be to bring you back to complete comfort asap!

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