Ijamsville MD is a great place to live. It is a small town in the US but has all the amenities and comforts that one would need from two grocery stores, hospitals, schools etc. It offers many activities for home owners including hiking trails and parks with picnic areas. Some of these trails offer views of streams and bountiful vegetation while others lead to scenic vistas and gazebos. Also there are fun activities for kids like, swimming lessons at the indoor pool.

The community center also has many activities for adults like yoga, and aerobics. Ijamsville MD offers a lot to its home owners who are looking for a peaceful and healthy environment.

Ijamsville MD is located in Middle America and is on the eastern coast of the USA. The state that it falls under is Maryland. There is about 183+/- sq miles within this town which makes up; 0.2% water area, 27% commercial area, 24% residential area, 17% roads/transportation areas (including shopping centers), 16% parks/recreation areas, 7 % agricultural areas (most of which are farms) , 4% forested areas with 2 % industrial and commercial buildings.

The climate of Ijamsville MD is cool temperate and is affected by four distinct seasons. Spring and fall are very mild with high rainfall amounts and high humidity levels during spring. Summers are hot and humid, but see low precipitation due to the large amount of sunny days. Winters have highs generally around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows around 20 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Because it lies on the inner coastal plain, it experiences a mild winter, unlike other cities farther inland.


Business Information:

11380 Canary Drive, Ijamsville MD, 21754


Points Of Interest:

Sarge Athletics

Urbana High School

Windsor Knolls Recreation Center

Holly Hills Country Club

Green Meadows Petting Farm